Our fresh and flavorful dishes will excite all 10,000 of your tastebuds!

Our fresh and flavorful dishes will excite all 10,000 of your tastebuds!

We’re the new kid near the park blocks of Portland State University with food and drinks as “tasty” as our name!

Dishes such as our Shanghai Style Pork Dumplings (猪肉小籠包) Szechuan Beef Brisket (川味竹筍牛腩) and our Chong Qing Style Fish (重慶潑辣魚) served in a clay pot will transport you to one of the Regional Opera Houses of China, where visitors enjoy traditional food and watch performers on a spectacular stage.

Our Tasty Story

Our ‘Tasty’ Lunch

Heritage-inspired recipes. A devotion to his craft. As owner and culinary veteran, Daniel Chen and his team craft each dish with an eye for detail and years of culinary experience. Try one of our lunch combination plates perfect for trying a variety of our tasty recipes.

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Our ‘Tasty’ Dinner

All of our dishes start with quality ingredients, you will be able to taste the difference. From fresh Chinese flavors to visually stunning dishes you will need to share on social. Tasty Corner has something to offer all 10,000 of your taste buds. Come for our House-Made Hand Shaven Noodles and stay for one of our delicious desserts, such as Sticky Rice With Sweet Rice Wine (酒釀湯圓).

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Our ‘Tasty’ Take Out

At Tasty Corner, we believe that you should be able to eat your food where you want – on a park bench, in pajamas on your couch or even in class. That’s why we make ordering to-go easy peasy. Place your order through our takeout portal for pickup, or if you would like your food dropped off at your doorstep simply order through one of our delivery partners.

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Our ‘Tasty’ Drinks

Chinese mixed beverages predate recorded history. For the past 9,000+ years, adult beverages in China have been used medicinally and as part of both secular and religious ceremonies. Traditionally, drinks are rarely consumed on their own and instead are paired with local dishes. At Tasty Corner, we believe in carrying on the same tradition with our unique, Chinese-inspired cocktails.

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Our Team’s Favorite

The Tasty Team’s Favorite Dish of The Month is the Chong Qing Hot Chicken!