Our Tasty Story

Our Tasty Inspiration

Inspiration for Tasty Corner comes from the regional opera houses of China. The Chinese Opera is one of the oldest dramatic art forms in the world, beginning around the time of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) when Emperor Taizong established an opera school with the poetic name “Liyuan” or “Pear Garden.”

As synonymous as pepper-infused spicy dishes, so are the iconic ‘magical face’ masks of the Chinese Opera. The spectacular stages, acrobatics, and humor-filled opera gave locals and visitors a deeper peek into Chinese culture. Inspired by this movement, the Tasty Corner brand now offers a similar, multi-sensory cultural experience.

What’s Behind the Mask?

Our logo harkens back to the iconic facial make-up of the opera performers. Exaggerated designs are painted on each performer’s face to symbolize a character’s personality, role, and fate. Audiences familiar with opera know the story by observing the facial painting and costumes. Generally, a red face represents loyalty, a black face valor; yellow and white faces represent duplicity; and golden and silver faces mystery.

Who’s Behind the Mask?

Owner and restaurateur Daniel Chen takes pride in curating a memorable experience at each of his two Portland-based Restaurants.

Our sister restaurant Szechuan Garden, located in Beaverton, specializes in cuisine from the Szechuan region of China and has been a staple in their neighborhood for many years.

Tasty Corner will be a fusion of the fan favorites from Szechuan Garden and some new dishes from different regions inspired by the opera houses of China.

Tasty White Mask

We Hope you come for the food, Stay for the Drinks, and return for the experience.

A Recommended “Pear-Ing”

The Tasty Team recommends our “Pear Garden Cocktail” with any spicy or savory dish.